“In the wake of COVID-19, several companies were forced to move their daily office tasks to a remote approach. Fortunately, here at Specialist Ceramics, we had been testing remote work platforms for a while and the current situation was the final push towards us becoming a fully remote company for good. This means we have no intention to go back to the old ways of doing things!” 

How many blog, social media or newsletter posts have you come across lately that start out just like this? A lot, right? But there’s one thing that most post-pandemic remote companies have in common, which is, they’re usually tech companies with a fair amount of people who are more than comfortable with Asana, Trello, Slack and many other apps that make the remote work ecosystem so fluid and efficient.  

The difference here is that we work in the construction industry! At Specialist Ceramics we aim at being UK’s most progressive company on the jobsite by moving every single task that we can to a remote basis! And right now, aside from actually fixing tiles, we have gone remote! 

With a mission of being our customer’s Choice of Quality, we take great pride in the detail, quality and transparency of everything we do and that is as true for our tiling jobs as it is for all interactions with our partners, from the quotation we send to Quantity Surveyors all the way to the follow up visits we do on the jobsite to ensure things are running smoothly.  

What we’ve come to find is that by moving our office work out of the office, our Contracts Managers now have more freedom and time to check in with the teams on the job, ensuring the quality standards we pride ourselves in are being met. Our technical teams now have more time to attend training and visit tile suppliers, staying up to date with the most recent techniques and materials! 

We are currently working on 22 projects and we have around 33 trusted, high quality tilers. The remote team is comprised of 8 people, guaranteeing a quick response on all enquiries from our customers! 

Soon we will finish our 2nd project managed on a fully remote basis. This is a project that we’ve taken on when it was half way, replacing the previous tiling company, and we’ve gone the extra mile to deliver a high quality job. We’ve just been awarded Phase 2 of this project in Castle Hill. 

If you’d like to have us price your project, reach out to our Business Development Manager at j.cruz@specialistceramics.co.uk and he’ll get back to you in no time, from home!