Delivering a high quality final product is one of our core values. Most companies will tell you they value quality and show you how much experience they have, but does quality correlate with experience? 

We believe there’s more to quality than just experience! 

Like in every trade, experience sure goes a long way and with people in our company in key roles standing from 30+ years of hands on tiling experience, we are well aware of its value. But we are also very much aware that for those that rely on experience alone, time catches up, techniques and materials evolve and experience becomes outdated. 

To prevent this from happening, at Specialist Ceramics, we rely on a close relationship with our suppliers and we do our best to stay up to date with specific training that keeps us updated on new materials and techniques. 

Large Format Tile - XLIGHT Floor Application
Large Format Tile – XLIGHT Floor Application

Our longstanding relationship with Porcelanosa is a great example of our commitment to be on the brink of innovation! On a recent trip to their headquarters in Spain we’ve attended training for installing their extra-slim and extra-large format tiles range, making us certified XLIGHT installers. We took this chance to increase our knowledge by learning more about Porcelanosa’s and Butech’s materials and best practices. 

Large Format Tile - XLIGHT Wall Application
Large Format Tile – XLIGHT Wall Application